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(Non-Resident Players)


The KMHA Board is excited to welcome everyone back to another great year of hockey! 

While we know with the current economic situation, this may cause some financial stress to some families so we have put in place some payment options to hopefully lessen any financial burden you may endure:

  • We are only requiring $75 deposit when you register your child for Kneehill Minor Hockey, due upon registration.
  • We have increased our payment plan to include 4 equal payments instead of 3 like we have done in the past. This will give families the time to make payment arrangements over that period of time. Under this plan, you may make installments on August 15, September 15, October 15, and November 15.
  • You may pay full registration at time of registration as well.
  • If you have a credit on your account from last season, this will be applied to your registration fees for this season.

If you have any questions, please contact the division coordinator you will be registering your child/children for, or the Registrar. Contact Us

**PLEASE NOTE: Some teams have reached capacity for the 2023/24 season. If during registration you get a response that Team is FULL please contact the Registrar and ask to be placed on our Waitlist.**

#1 First Step in Player Registration: Respect in Sport

If you are registering a returning player or you need to add another child do not create another account, you have an existing Respect in Sport account.  If your Parent Respect in Sport has expired you will need to recertify.

  • Login in to Parent Respect in Sport program and select the button "RE-CERTIFY NOW".
  • If no "RE-CERTIFY NOW" button is displayed, your profile may already be reset; If so, simply select "PROGRAM ACCESS".

Contact the registrar should you not know your Hockey Canada Account Number to access your account.

If you are registering a new player with a returning player in family, you need to add the new player to your Respect in Sport account.

  • Login in to Parent Respect in Sport program and select the button "PROFILE".
  • Under Profile Information select "CHILD MANAGMENT".
  • Select 'ADD CHILD' to add a child to your profile.
  • This will create a Hockey Canada Member ID for the new player.

If you are registering a new player, one parent per family must take the Parent Respect in Sport course. Upon completing this course, the new player will have a Hockey Canada Member ID listed under 'PROFILE', 'CHILD MANAGMENT'.

Once you have these two numbers, or a returning player, you can then go to the next step.

Please contact the Kneehill Registrar if after completing the above you are still unable to locate your Hockey Canada Identification number.

#2 Second Step in Player Registration: Team Snap Account

If you are a new player, a parent must create a Team Snap Account TeamSnap :: Log In. Upon completing this step, and with your Respect in Sport completed, and Hockey Canada ID in hand, you can register for hockey in Kneehill!

#3 Registration Completion Notice: TeamSnap Dashboard

Once you have successfully completed the payment process, the registration will be complete. You will receive an email message stating your transaction was successful and thanking you for your registration. When you login to your TeamSnap Account, you will see your registration status on your TeamSnap Dashboard.

Trouble Shooting:

1. I can't find my child's Hockey Alberta Number

If you are NEW to Kneehill Minor Hockey Association, and new to hockey, the Parent must complete Respect in Sport PRIOR to REGISTERING. 

If you are a RETURNING player, you can login to your Hockey Alberta Account to retrieve this number. If you have trouble getting into the system, please contact the Kneehill Registrar via email: Executive – Kneehill Minor Hockey

2. The Hockey Alberta ID number won't work in TeamSnap

a) Your Parent Respect in Sport may be expired. Please login to your Respect in Sport account to check on expiry date. Should you require further help, contact the Kneehill Registrar via email: Executive – Kneehill Minor Hockey

b) If you are coming from another association, your Hockey ID number won't work until a transfer of player is completed. Visit Forms | Hockey Alberta for Player Movement Form and/or Parent Declaration Form.

3. I'm having trouble figuring out the hockey fees

Should you require help with hockey fees or have questions about the fees, please contact the Kneehill Treasurer for further clarification. Executive – Kneehill Minor Hockey

4. I want to sign up for the Hi-Tek Hockey Camp on September 15-17, 2023, how do I register for that?

You will need to register and pay for your players through the Hi Tek Registration Page. Click Here to Register

5. I am considering Hockey but we are having issues covering the cost, is there any help available?

Kidsport Kneehill may be able to help cover some costs, so all kids can play! Visit Home - KidSport Kneehill ( for further information on eligibility and application process.

Calgary Flames Sports Bank also may be able to help covers some costs of equipment. Visit Home | Flames Sports Bank for further information on eligibility and application process.

Registration Fees 2023-2024 Season

2023 2024 Registration Costs


  • As part of the operation of our association, we utilize the concession in both Trochu and Three Hills as a fundraiser every year. Participation in this endeavour is MANDATORY to be a member of KMHA.
  • Volunteer hours can be worked in the concession in Trochu or Three Hills. Members may also opt to pay out their booth hours at the approved rate (this fee is subject to change from year to year).
  • Volunteer fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the season at the time of registration.
  • Volunteer hours are calculated each at January 15 th and parents who have worked all of their hours will be reimbursed their booth fees cheque. Any hours worked after January 15th will be reimbursed as needed. through the remainder of the current season.
  • Volunteer hours required are as follows:

U6 or (first year to hockey U7) - 8 hours per child

U7 to U18 - 16 hours per child

  • There is a 2 child limit on booth hours up to a maximum of 29 hours per family per season. Unless one or both or your players fall under the U6 hours
  • Booth hours do not carry over from season to season. Anyone who has worked over their hours in the concession will be paid out at the rate we pay concession workers.


  • Fundraising fees are due upfront, however is $100 per family and not per registrant. In the 2022-2023 season, our associations fundraiser was a cash raffle. Each family could sell one book of tickets and get that upfront money back with the sale of those tickets. 2023-2024 season, we will do the same (or simular with a possible online ticket option), however this fee will be collected during the registration process.

HI-TEK CAMPS – September 15-17th, 2023 - OPTIONAL

HI-TEK hockey camps are focused on developing skills and providing players with proper feedback. HTH is always promoting speed, quickness and trying to do things with proper technique. They implement small area games and well executed sessions to help players improve. Four on-ice sessions.

KMHA offers optional HI-TEK camps every September prior to evaluations to all athletes from U7 to U18 to prepare for the upcoming season. Registration for these camps are available through the KMHA TeamSnap player registration process, and is OPTIONAL.

All registrants must fill out the Registration Form specific to this event at Hi Tek Registration Form (COMING SOON).

KMHA registration fee is $100.  Non-members of KMHA registration fee is $150.