Kneehill Chiefs U11 Team


For more information, including schedule information, visit the Central Alberta Hockey League website.

Note: Schedules will be released in November following tiering.

Practice Schedule:

U11 practices for 2023-2024

Check Master Practice Schedule For Times

Trochu Arena -

Three Hills Arena -

After four evaluation skates we have our teams to post for U11.
U11A will start out tiering games in Tier 3 and U11B will start out tiering games in Tier 5.
We are still in need of a coach for U11B.  Rory Van Doren and Jayden Kowalchuk have committed to be assistant coaches for that team, but we will require a head coach for this team. If you are able to head coach please email  We will need a coach in place as soon as possible.
The regular practice schedule sent out earlier will begin next week.
Kneehill Chiefs A Team
Bauer, Jackson
Debeaudrap, Gavin
Ferguson, Chance
Hastie, Dawson
Hogg, Elijah
Knelsen, Henry
Kramchynsky, Caleb
Paget, Ethan
Tullikopf, Cooper
Vaughan, Kayson
Wiens, Daniel
Head Coach: Barry Kramchynsky


Kneehill Chiefs B Team
Bauer, Hudson
Bueckert, Noah
Carney, Josephine
Hogg, Mitchell
Kanceruk, Blake
Knieval, Ella
Parker, Ava
Saunders, Jaxon
Thibault, Liam
Thomson, Aleksander
Winther, Tristan
Winther, Wesley
Head Coach: TBD
Parent meetings will be set up next week for both teams as well.