2020/21 KMHA Graduating Players

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Graduating players.  Please visit our Facebook Page to watch each individual players graduation video.

2020 21 Graduating Players

2019- 2020 KMHA Annual Awards

This year we were really hoping to kick off the year by celebrating last year's teams with an in-person awards ceremony, however due to Covid restrictions we aren't able to. Posted are video's celebrating each teams successes! Video's will be uploaded here after they have been announced on Facebook the first week of September.

Thanks to all the coaches, players, managers, and parents for a successful season!

All players in Tyke & Novice will receive a medal
and are asked to pick them up at Adam B. Young Insurance.

All players in Atom and Peewee who receive an award
are asked to pick up their award at Adam B. Young Insurance.

Midget awards awards will be delivered to players by your coaches!!

Congratulations to KMHA's Graduating Players!

Remainder of awards will be announced each day on the KMHA Facebook Page and once announced there will be posted here.

Watch the Facebook page to get on the spot award announcements!