'AA' Hockey Model

In 2014, at the direction of the Hockey Alberta Board of Directors, a committee was formed with the intent of reviewing Minor Hockey, below the Elite level, and developing a process that would enable Alberta’s hockey athletes to compete at a level that is fair and equitable for the specific skill level of each athlete. The focus of the process deals with the “competitive” system within Hockey Alberta and provides for the development of athletes at a Regional level, acting as a “feeder system” for Elite hockey.

This “AA” Hockey Model provides guidance and direction so that player opportunity and movement is done in recognition of the needs of the player and the MHA’s involved. The philosophy behind this model is the agreement that responsible decisions would be made in order to act in the best interest of the athlete. This model further recognizes and supports that each athlete has the right to consider his/her options and should be provided the opportunity to access a level of hockey that is consistent with the skill level of each player.

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